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Upper eyelid surgery, Asian eyelid creation, Asian eyelid surgery, Upper eyelid plasty, Upper bleph

1. Who are candidates for “Upper Eyelid Surgery”?

People with:

a. Loose folds and excessive wrinkles over the upper eyelids

b. Uneven upper eyelid folds (comparing both eyes)

c. Asian eyes with the absence of eyelid folds.

2. Why are my upper eyelids loose?

As we age, the action of gravity bears weight on our upper eyelids. Combined with the thinning of our skin due to shrinking collagen content, sagging of the eyelids creates droopiness (Dermatochalasis) and may impair vision at the upper field. It also disturbs the natural contour of the eyes (“sad look”).

3. What is “Upper Blepharoplasty”?

Upper blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure to correct the three (3) conditions described in item number 1 above. It removes excess skin, and/or reattaches back the skin of your upper eyelids to a fixed area on the lid to create a new and youthful fold when the eyes are opened.

4. Is it a major surgical procedure?

Because of medical advancement, “Upper blepharoplasty” is now just an out-patient clinic-based procedure. It is done with the patient awake under local anesthesia (no pain) and lasts just 1-2 hours.

5. Will the incision be visible after the surgery?

Incisions for upper blepharoplasty are placed on the natural creases of the skin so that they will not be visible after 2-4 weeks.

6. When will the stitches be removed?

5-7 days depending on the degree of swelling.

7. Will I be able to work after surgery?

After the operation, you are advised to stay at home for at least 3 days to avoid being exposed to pollution.

8. Will there be plasters on my incisional wounds?


9. Will I be taking any medicines?

Yes. Medicine to prevent bruising 1-2 days before surgery and medicines for the following after surgery:

a. Prevent infections – antibiotics

b. Relieve pain and swelling – anti-inflammatory

10. When will I be able to wear make-ups (for women) and engage in sports activities?

2 weeks and 4 weeks.

11. Can I combine other surgical procedures with upper blephharoplasty?

Yes. Under local anesthesia with lower blepharoplasty and/or nose lift. If combined with facelift, sedation or general anesthesia may be indicated.

Asian eyelid creation

Asian eyelid creation

Our clinics:

Neu Advanced Aesthetics Center (www.Neu-Aesthetics.com)

Suite 1723 Centuria Medical Makati

Century City, Kalayaan Avenue, Brgy Poblacion, Makati City

Metro Manila, Philippines

Monday to Friday 9am-3pm

Saturday 9am-12nn

+632 793 8747           +63918 985 3668



The Asian Tropics Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center (www.AsianTropics.com)

Unit 1B Anonas Commercial Complex, Project 3

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Monday to Friday 4pm to 7pm

Saturday 2pm to 7pm

+632 434 1800            +63918 985 3668




Dr. Al Farabi L. Jaafar FPSGS FPCS FPSCS

Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Fellow, Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery

Fellow, Philippine College of Surgeons

Section Head, Cosmetic Surgery, Centuria Medical Makati

+63918 985 3668



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