Doctors’ Clinic Space (dermatologists)

We are looking for two (2) Dermatologists as partners at our planned Aesthetic Clinic in high-end Centuria Medical Makati at the Century City Makati.

No need to invest on the renovation of the clinic. Those interested will just have to pay monthly rentals of P15000 which will cover for the ff:
1. Clinic space/examining or treatment room use
2. Receptionist/secretary
3. Aircon/lights/water/common areas

Partner doctors will also be included in the decking of patients at the main reception lobby of Centuria.

Target finalization is February to March 2015. Renovation on April 2015. Operations on May 2015.

We are board certified surgeons (cosmetic surgery and cosmetic gynecologist, husband and wife team).

Please call at 09189853668 or email at if interested/for more details.

You may also use the contact form below:

Doctors' clinic

Doctors’ clinic

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Goretex Noselift

Noselift (Augmentation Rhinoplasty) using Goretex Implant

Nose lift or nose augmentation

Augmentation Rhinoplasty before and after photo

Noselift Goretex

Augmentation Rhinoplasty before and after photo

Other names: Gore-Tex, ePTFE, Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene

PTFE is a synthetic polymer commonly used in nonstick pans (Teflon) and insulators of computer cables.

ePTFE, a form of PTFE, was co-invented by father and son Wilbert and Robert Gore (Gore-Tex) in 1969 when they accidentally expanded PTFE to create a porous and lightweight material containing 70% air.

Medically, ePTFE are used as an artificial substitute for replacing damaged blood vessels. This use negates the need to harvest vessels from another location.

Goretex or ePTFE use as nasal implants started only during the late 1990s (early 2000s in Asia and almost a decade later in the Philippines). Initially, they were in the form spongy sheets where cosmetic surgeons lay them on top of each other, stitch them together, then place over nose bridge area to provide the lift. Results then were not gratifying, until recently, when Goretex are produced in the form fit for nose lifting (augmentation). They are now shaped like those of silicone implants as a one piece implant (where minimal carving is required).

Advantages of Goretex over Silicone implant:

1. Less chance of having implant extrusion since it has a softer and lighter consistency.

2. More permanent because of its porous surface (tissue tend to adhere to it thus less displacement).

3. Less chance of implant rejection.

4. More Natural looking.

Click to read about the Surgeon:


Dr. Al Farabi L. Jaafar

Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Fellow, Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery

Fellow, Philippine College of Surgeons

+63918 985 3668

Clinic affiliation:

The Asian Tropics Aesthetic Center, QC

McGill Cosmetic Surgery, BGC

Look better and gain more confidence..

Noselift Promo at The Asian Tropics Aesthetic Center,

P32,000.00 only for Silicone. Regular price P48.000.00.

P63,000.00 only for Goretex. Regular price P78,000.00.

P78,000.00 only for Cartilage. Regular price P90,000.00


1. Surgeon’s fee

2. Implant

3. Operating room materials and medications (local anesthesia)

Not included are After-Surgery medications (take home meds).

Note: Noselift does not include Nose trim (separate procedure, cost-P25,000.00)

Click below to see video:
Noselift VIDEO

Click to see more photos: FAQs in noselift

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The Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgeon

How long did it take your doctor to become a licensed or board certified Cosmetic Surgeon?

4 years in College (Pre-med school)

4 Years in Proper Medicine

1 Year Internship

1 Year Medical Board Examination

4-5 years Surgical Specialization (Residency in General Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, etc.)

1 Year written and oral Specialty  Board Examination

2 Years Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship

1 Year written and oral Sub-Specialty Board Examination

Total of 18-19 years from high school.. and continuing medical education (CME) doesn’t stop there. Surgeons find time to attend at least once a month scientific meetings conducted by the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery (PSCS) and National or International Post-Graduate Courses held once a year.

Cosmetic Surgeons from all over the world are invited to attend the 14th World Congress of Asia Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (APACS)/Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery (PSCS).

Date: October 26-27, 2013


Lectures/presentations Bayanihan Center MK Tan Hall, United Laboratories Unilab Compound, 66 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Live Surgical Demonstration Delos Santos Medical Center E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines


Comprehensive Facial Enhancement: How The Masters Do It Minimally Invasive, Surgical and Non-surgical Approaches with Live Demonstrations

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What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery is a sub-specialty in Medicine that deals with the science of enhancement.

A physician or doctor needs to specialize first (after taking up medicine and passing the medical board examination) in a surgical specialty (residency) before he/she may be qualified to take the next step of being a cosmetic or aesthetic surgeon.  These training stages will guarantee that patients who will go under the knife (in the name of beauty) are in the hands of qualified, experienced, and safe surgeons.

The Philippine Board of Cosmetic Surgery certifies doctors who practice this sub-specialty. Check the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery (PSCS) for members.

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