Cosmetic Surgery Course (PSCS Fellowship Training Program)

To become a legitimate Cosmetic Surgeon, a doctor (after 9 years of studies ending high school) needs to first undergo a residency training in a surgical specialty (ie general surgery, ent, ophthalmology, ob-gyne, etc) for 4 to 5 years. 

     Upon completion, he/she further goes into the sub-specialty training in Cosmetic Surgery for 2 years. Here surgeons are trained with exposure to different Cosmetic Surgery cases in hospitals and clinics where actual procedures are done.

     The Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery offers a 2-year comprehensive centre-based Fellowship Training in Cosmetic Surgery at the Centuria Medical Makati.

     Training staff are composed of top-notchebd experienced Cosmetic Surgeons from the Philippines and Korea.

     For enquiries, email us at or message us at 09189853668.

Injected Nose

Why you should avoid Filler Injections for nose lifting? 

A lot of patients are swayed by some practitioners’ marketing scheme about “liquid nose lifting” using fillers. The promise of non-surgical and less downtime are quite tempting (even if the price is the same or even more expensive compared to certain surgical noselift or rhinoplasty). 

Below are complications for nose filler injections:

1. Blindness (when materials get into blood vessels draining to the eyes)

2. Avatar-look and Witch-look (since fillers are semi-solid, they tend to slide down to the sides of the nose bridge to settle between the eyes, and down the Columella or below the tip)

3. Infections

4. Skin necrosis

5. Temporary effect (less than 2 years for absorbable fillers)

6. Skin nodulations or bumpiness (for non-absorbable or permanent fillers)

We reserve the use of fillers (absorbable) to correct minor defects of the nose such as small bumps or depressions.
Implant Rhinoplasty (Silicone or Goretex) and Cartilage Rhinoplasty (harvested from the ear) are still the best options for augmentation/enhancement of the nose. 

For wide nostrils, we recommend Alar trimming. And for tip correction, we advise tip plasty with Cartilage.

Contact us if you need advise on rhinoplasty or removal of injected materials from your nose: 09189853668

Breast implant surgery video

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Dr. Al Jaafar

Dr Al Jaafar

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