What to do after nose lift and nose trim (post-operative instructions)

Follow-up schedule:
On the 3rd day for wound dressing
On the 7th day for initial stitch removal (noselift)
On the 14th day for removal of remaining stitches (trim)


1. Rest at home for 3 days.
2. High pillows when lying down.
3. Take medications as prescribed.
4. Maintain plaster.

5. May clean incision scabs with moist sterile cotton applicator (hydrogen peroxide and povidone iodine solutions).


1. Eat seafood, “Bagoong”, or any allergic causing food.
2. Drink alcohol or smoke.
3. Sports activity.
4. Sleeping on sides.
5. Wear eyeglasses or shades.
6. Smile, yawn widely, or eat food that requires you to open mouth wide for 2-3 weeks.
7. Stay in polluted places or with kids around.

What to expect:
1. It is normal to have a “pinched nose” look for 1 month (for nose trim).
2. Expect minimal pinkish fluid from the incision sites (within 24 hours).
3. Swelling around the eyes are expected up to the 4th day.
4. Swelling of the nose (sides and tip) will last up to 2 months.
5. Follow-up within 3 days in case of displacement (especially the 1st 2months).


These post-op instructions are for use of The Asian Tropics Aesthetic Center’s and Neu Advanced Aesthetics Center’s clients only and shall never, in any way, replace instructions given by other doctors.

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Dr. Al Farabi L. Jaafar FPSGS FPCS FPSCS

Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Fellow, Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery

Fellow, Philippine College of Surgeons

Section Head, Cosmetic Surgery, Centuria Medical Makati

+63918 985 3668




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10 thoughts on “What to do after nose lift and nose trim (post-operative instructions)

  1. I want to fix the tip and change the implant of my nose.my implant is made of Gortex as of now it shrinks it doesn’t look good because of the tip of my nose it’s ‘ looking upward enstead of going down, it looks bad. Doc I want to see you about my problem. I want to know the address of your clinic I want to avail about your promo,. Thank you Doc.

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